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Historical studies in education

  • Keywords: history of education, history of school, history of childhood, digital history, social history



  • Involved Departments: Department of educational sciences and Psichology


  • Research Issues: The main research issues are two:
  1. The history of the social commitment and local authorities in educational and training processes (this argument includes, but not limited to, studies regarding the primary school and its teachers, welfare and charity, vocational education, consumption, leisure, educational museums, school book industry, teaching sciences);
  2. The study of methodologies and epistemology of history of education and its communication by didactics and technology.


  • Aims and objectives: The study of educational processes in contemporary period by a social and cultural approach. The focus will especially oriented towards history of primary school, vocational training,  leisure, childhood and adolescence, scholastic and educational policies, didactics. Thinking over methodology and  historiographical critique: from  sources analysis to digital documentation, from  didactics to knowledge dissemination.


  • Current projects: Research in the history of  italian primary school; digitalization of Antonio Gramsci's Quaderni dal carcere ; history of vocational education and technical instruction in post war Italy; alpinism, modernity and human personality between leisure and work.



Contacts: carmen.betti(AT)

last update: 18-Dec-2017
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