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Peace, sustainability and human rights oriented culture: educational projects and active strategies

  • Keywords: peace, rights, non-violence, intercultural, interreligious dialogue, active tolerance, conflicts, equality, diversity, relationship, democracy




  • Research issues: The research group refers to some projects related to: immigration, social and political participation, cultural appreciation and social sensitivity for marginalized groups and disables, promotion and development of human rights and a culture of peace and reconciliation through nonviolent process and transformation of conflicts. The group has some local and international projects currently active and it will consider how to include them.


  • Aims and objectives: The RU is meant to organize and share focuses on topics related to the development of a peace-oriented culture, interpreted in a broad sense as a combination of values, knowledge, practices, actions, habits, but also policies, strategies which, from a pedagogical perspective are translated in theories and methodologies of education oriented to the deconstruction of the different ways in which violence could emerge. The RU shares, moreover, an interdisciplinary interest for the development of researches and studies related to the broad concept of sustainability. Referring to the concept of sustainability means to consider the educational and ethic commitment of doing research. The first RU objective is to integrate the researches, studies and the networks which each member has already developed in order to open a direct debate and a mutual enrichment, thus experiencing a local model of cooperation and scientific participation. The appreciation of the resources and of the knowledge of each researcher involved will contribute to the development of theories, methods and instruments for the dissemination of a culture of peace, interpreted also as an educational proposal for professionals in the fields of education within the lifelong learning processes.


  • Current Projects:
  1. Mannucci-Guetta: European Project “In Memoriam of invisible victims” Action 4 Europa Remembrance 2014-2015 - Leading Partner Cooperativa ARCA Firenze
  2. Campani and collaborators: (IRSES) Gendercit : Gender and Citizenship - Leading Partner: University Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla, Spain 30 October 2012-30 October 2016
  3. Campani and collaborators: Social Justice- RAGE : Hate Speech and Populist Othering in Europe Through the Racism, Age, Gender Looking Glass - Leading Partner: Leicester, UK 1 November 2012 – 31 October 2014 
  4. Campani and collaborators: (IRSES) SpringArab: Social movements and mobilisation typologies in the Arab spring - Leading Partner: Paris VIII, Dep. De Sciences de l’Education, France 30 October 2012-30 October 2015
  5. Campani and collaborators: LeFAMSol - LeFAMSol - Learning for Female African Migrants’ Solidarity: Help-Desks for Female African Migrants in the Eastern Mediterranean Region – Leading Partner: University of Peloponneso 2013- 2015 
  6. Campani and collaborators: Ge.Mi- Parti GE.MI “Opening participatory routes: Mentoring and building capacity for active citizenship from a gender perspective.” Leading Partner: DIOTIMA, Greece- 01 October 2013- 01 April 2015 
  7. Campani and collaborators: ROADS BIOGRAPHY (con University of Aberdeen) UWS (Under Westerne Skies): Community, Environments, Technologies
  8. Tirini and collaborators: Project UGUA-DI2: Equal and Different: to understand, to analyze, to manage the differences in school. Project financed by Toscana Region 
  9. Guetta and collaborators: Observatory on the rights of the child and adolescence – Comune di Cortona 2011-2014
  10. Guetta and collaborators: Exchange of Scientific and Cultural Cooperation, University of Tel Aviv: "Exchange of knowledge among the university students and the construction of a model of Observatory on education and teaching of the Shoah" 2014-2015


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last update: 18-Dec-2017
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