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CHS. Childhood Studies. History, education, culture of childhood

  • Keywords: childhood, family, parenthood, early childhood education and care, child work, children's rights, intergenerational relationships, history of childhood, history of family, adopted children, ecological humanities, antropocene, anthropology of childhood, anthropology for infants, childhood in the anthropocene, childhood mortality/health, foreign childhood



  • Involved Departments: Scifopsi (Unifi) / Istat


  • Research Issues: The research issues refer to the European perspective of inclusive societies (Horizon 2020). Precisely, they will be focused on: process of inclusion/adultization, intergenerational relationships, non-discrimination and equal opportunities, childhood knowledges, professional education, anthroposophy and eco-oriented lifestyles, child health and mortality, second generations.


  • Aims and objectives: The RU moves within the international research trends involving the investigations on social meanings and cultural models of childhood in the past and present of complex societies; through historical, anthropological and educational perspectives, the RU will propose a scientific project aimed at analyzing and interpreting the relationships between childhood and society.


Contacts: emiliano.macinai(AT)

last update: 18-Dec-2017
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