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Socio-emotional development in the life cycle

  • Keywords: bullying, cyberbullying, internalizing and externalizing disorders, evidence based interventions, personality disorders, emotional competence, emotion-related traits



  • Involved Departments: Department of Educational Sciences and Psychology


  • Research Issues: Research topics are: conduct disorders, bullying, cyberbullying and victimization, internalized and externalized disorders, personality disorders. Other relevant areas are:  parenting and family relationships in the life cycle and the evaluation of efficacy and effectiveness of antibullying interventions.


  • Aims and objectives:Our aim is to study the socio-emotional aspects in life cycle making use of quantitative and qualitative methods and of cross-sectional and longitudinal research designs.

Specific objectives are:
1) the role of individual variables to explain aggressive behavior and the condition of the victim;
2) disorders of personal identity;
3) the role of socio-emotional processes in school and in the family;
4) parent-child relationship in the life cycle;
5) efficacy and effectiveness of interventions for the prevention of behavioral problems.


  • Current projects:

1) Validation of the  Kiva models  in Tuscany schools in collaboration with the Ministry of Education; 2) "Living together  and promotion of well-being at school and in the community 'in collaboration with the Municipality of Scandicci;
3) Project "Cybermentor Europe" EU DG Justice - Daphne 2012 -2014

4) Perception of bullying and cyberbullying in adolescents and preadolescents.
5) Survey on bullying and cyber bullying in secondary school in Agliana (PT): incidence and psychological correlates" in collaboration with Fondazione CR Pistoia and schools in the area
6) Strengthening of the ability to promote emotional well-being at school in collaboration with the schools in Pistoia.

For further details on projects and research activity see:

Lab of Longitudinal studies in Developmental Psychology


Lab of Evaluation  of Developmental Processes



Contacts: ersilia.menesini(AT)

last update: 18-Dec-2017
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