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Research and action for psychosocial well-being

  • Keywords: community psychology; action research; psychosocial well-being; qualitative research; evaluation research; virtual groups; human resources


- Academic Spin-off “LabCom Research and Acton for psychosocial well-being” (Patrizia Meringolo, Carlo Volpi, Laura Remaschi, Fausto Petrini, Moira Chiodini, Elisa Guidi, Eleonora Moscardi).

- Halina Hatalskaya, Professor Belarusan Pedagogical State University Misk (Belarus), person in charge for International Agreement with UNIFI.

- Nicolina Bosco (PhD student), Cristina Cecchini (grant holder and PhD student).


  • Involved Departments: Department of Education and Psychology


  • Research Issues: Community based action research for health and well-being promotion. Evaluation research about implicit and explicit models in public services and organizations. New Approaches in Drug Policy and Interventions. Cultural competences in helping professions. Diversity management and gender studies. Group interaction in virtual environment. Intergroup attitudes, prejudice and metastereotypes. Human resources management and organizational development. Analysis of innovation processes, entrepreneurial abilities and support towards start-up enterprises.


  • Aims and objectives:
  1. Elaboration of models for evaluating public services and organizations. Optimization of well-being interventions, by social capital improvement.
  2. Projects aimed to better include groups coming from different cultures.
  3. Studies about psychosocial indicators for monitoring – with economic and epidemiological indexes – health and social cohesion policies.
  4. Analysis and development of managerial and specialized competences in work sites. 
  5. Analysis of enterprise processes and climate.


  • Current projects:
  1. Participatory evaluation of activities carried out in residential facilities for mental health and dependences (promoted by Tuscan Region and in collaboration with Andrea Devoto Foundation).
  2. Scientific knowledge of gender violence, intimate violence and of pattern for evaluation and help, particularly in Center Against Violence (in collaboration with Centers in Tuscan Region).
  3. Translation and adaptations of ODARA (Ontario Domestic Assault Risk Assessment).
  4. Risky behaviors and their antecedents, particularly in Sexually Transmitted Diseases (in collaboration with Italian Association Against AIDS (Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro l’AIDS).
  5. Sport psychology (in collaboration with “Promesse Viola”, juvenile league of Fiorentina football team).
  6. Training and Innovation Management. Collaboration with: “HR - Development Center  Innovation and Creativity System” (Inno.Va.R.Um.) (for enterprises), and “Laboratorio di Ricerca per l’imprenditorialità: innovazione per la crescita e la valorizzazione delle risorse umane nelle piccole e medie imprese” (Labo.R.I.) (for SMI).
  7. Research in virtual environment on compulsive gambling.

       International Projects:

  1. FSE JUSTICE OUTinOUT with professionals and minors in justice institutions;
  2. NAPDI New Approaches in Drug Policy & Interventions;
  3. Foundation of citizenship (SCRA 2012-5 (Division 27 APA), about social inclusion of migrant students;
  4. Young Gender Defenders European Network DAPHNE III PROGRAMME (submitted);
  5. Projects about virtual groups: FP7 EC FET-AWARE RECOGNITION;
  6. FP7 EC European Network of Excellence in Internet Science - EINS Open Call Project FOCAL: Foundations for Collective Awareness Platforms).










last update: 18-Dec-2017
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