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Training in parenting from infancy onwards: between intercultural and playfulness. Research in action.

  • Keywords: parenting, childhood, intercultural, playfulness, children's literature, music education



  • Involved Departments: Department of Education and Psychology (SCIFOPSI)


  • Research Issues: This research will develop the following topics:
  1. new family identity;
  2. the transformation of parental roles;
  3. the centrality of the relationship of care, such as support and as a stimulus for social responsible;
  4. practices of study and reflection on parenting;
  5. management socio-psycho-pedagogical role of parents today;
  6. children's literature, games and music as an aid to implement this objective;
  7. the kindergarten as the first non-family nucleus for the development of such practices.


  • Aims and objectives: This research will develop the following objectives:
  1. develop an awareness of the sensitive and critical parental role;
  2. encourage the construction of educational processes organic and plural;
  3. take an intercultural lens;
  4. encourage kindergarten as first extra-familial testing of education through literature, music and game;
  5. make a collective publication, as well as any contributions to be placed in magazines.









last update: 18-Dec-2017
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