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Narrative inquiries and developmental processes

  • Keywords: narratives, autobiography, memory, narrative based medicine, trauma and illness experiences, personal identity disturbances, emotional competence, emotion-related traits




  • Research Issues:
  1. Autobiographical memory and narratives in illness and health contexts. Narrative based medicine;
  2. Autobiographical memory and narratives in individuals with risk developmental trajectories
  3. Self presentation and narratives in virtual communication contexts  (social network, chat , forum);
  4. Narrative meaning and body modifications in juvenile gothic subculture  (es. Punk, Heavy Metal, Emo).


  • Aims and objectives: RU's aims are the study of narrative processes meant both as tools to study memory, personal and professional identity, and as devices to intervene and modify autobiographical memory, reflexivity and personal grief experiences


  • Current projects:
  1. Autobiographical narratives  and personal reflexivity in oncology field
  2. The relationship between narrator and listener and type of autobiographical narratives
  3. Emotional significance of autobiographical experiences in educational and health professions;
  4. Body modifications, self construction and narratives







last update: 18-Dec-2017
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