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SCIFOPSI Dipartimento di Scienze della Formazione e Psicologia


In observance of the statute, the Department is organized following the University Department Regulations, the Internal Regulations, and the principles of efficacy, efficiency, economy, transparency and participation.

The Department bodies are the Council, the Director and the Board.

There is a Department Policy and Self-Assessment Commission whose task it is to assist the department bodies in policies for the use of resources and in the orientation of the scientific, research, transfer and innovation activities.

The Department Council can make use of special temporary or permanent commissions for preliminary work or consultancy activities.

The Department of Education and Psychology is divided into Sections for specific disciplinary, research and organizational needs.

There is a Head of Administration whose task it is to support the department bodies, implement the resolutions made by them, and deal with management and instrumental activities.

The University College of Department Directors is formed by the Department Directors whose task is to consult and make proposals to the Academic Senate and the Board of Directors on general research and teaching problems.  

last update: 02-Nov-2017
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