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SCIFOPSI Dipartimento di Scienze della Formazione e Psicologia


The teaching goal of the School of the Humanities and Education and the School of Psychology is to achieve the highest academic standards. This is in order to enable the university to best respond to the training needs of Tuscan society, and ensure excellence in the training of nursery school educators (0-3), kindergarten teachers (3-6), primary school teachers (6-10), middle school (11-14) and secondary school (15-19) teachers, support teachers for the disabled, social educators, and professional and life-long learning trainers.  In the same way, the Department aims to ensure the highest scientific standards in training for specific psychological professions (family psychologists, school psychologists, lifespan psychologists, work and organizational psychologists, forensic psychologists, social psychologists, and community psychologists).
The teaching, organized and managed by the Schools, is divided into three-year lower order plus two-year higher order degree courses and single five-year higher order degree courses. 
last update: 31-July-2014
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