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SCIFOPSI Dipartimento di Scienze della Formazione e Psicologia


The Department of Education and Psychology 

The Department of Education and Psychology was established in January 2013 according to law no. 240 of 30 December 2010 on the reorganization of the Italian public university system.  Although it is a new institutional structure, it takes up the scientific legacy and teaching of two existing bodies: the Department of Educational Sciences and Cultural and Training Processes and the Department of Psychology.

The origins of the first, established in 1988, lie in the Pedagogy Institute, formed in the distant 1935, when the School of Education was granted faculty status.  In this guise it was directed, among others, by Ernesto Codignola, Lamberto Borghi and Antonio Santoni Rugiu. Instead, the Department of Educational Sciences and Cultural and Training Processes was led by Leonardo Trisciuzzi, Franco Cambi, Graziella Vescovini Federici and Enzo Catarsi.

The second, established in 1987, originated from the Laboratory of Experimental Psychology, founded in 1903 by Francesco De Sarlo, and considered the first important centre for experimental research in Italy. Among the laboratory’s directors, we may remember Enzo Bonaventura, forced to leave the post owing to the racial laws, and Alberto Marzi. As a department, its directors were  Francesca Morino Abbele, Filippo Boschi, Luciano Mecacci, Riccardo Luccio, Gianni MarocciMaria Pia Viggiano and Cristina Stefanile.  

The Department’s institutional tasks are:


a) research 


b) education 


c) knowledge transfer 


d) internationalization 


e) interdisciplinarity 


last update: 31-July-2014
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