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Healthier societies fostering healthy organizations: a cross-cultural perspective

Healthier societies fostering healthy organizations:  a cross-cultural perspective



The cross-cultural Conference Healthier societies fostering healthy organizations: A cross-cultural perspective is a two-day interdisciplinary event organized by the University of Florence (Italy). The main aim is to share contributions focusing on research, assessment, and interventions that will offer new or innovative perspectives to foster healthy organizations within the public and private sectors. Cross-cultural studies and perspectives will further show-case the applications and implications of current efforts to create positive human ecosystems.



- Submission deadline: 14 May 2017

- Notification of acceptance: 21 May 2017

- Registration to the conference: until 22 May 2017

Registration is free of charge. It is necessary, however, for participants in the Conference to complete the registration form and to send it to Annamaria Di Fabio ( Abstracts will be accepted with the registration forms.



Annamaria Di FabioUniversity of Florence (Italy)


Fanny Cheung – The Chinese University of Hong Kong (China)

Maureen E. Kenny – Boston College (USA)

Jose-Maria Peiró – University of Valencia (Spain)

Donald H. Saklofske – University of Western Ontario (Canada)

Akira Tsuda – Kurume University (Japan)

Fons Van de Vijver – Tilburg University (The Netherlands)



Jean-Luc Bernaud, INETOP-CNAM, Paris, France; David Blustein, Boston College, USA; Fanny Cheung, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China; Marco Depolo, University of Bologna, Italy; Annamaria Di Fabio, University of Florence, Italy; Geneviève Fournier, Université Laval, Québec, Canada; Itamar Gati, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel; Maureen E. Kenny, Boston College, USA; Peter McIlveen, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, Australia; Jose-Maria Peiró, University of Valencia, Spain; Donald H. Saklofske, University of Western Ontario, Canada; Akira Tsuda, Kurume University, Japan; Fons Van de Vijver, Tilburg University, The Netherlands; Greg Yan, Beijing Normal University, China 



 Fanny Cheung    Annamaria Di Fabio     Jose-Maria Peiró  
 Fanny Cheung    Annamaria Di Fabio    Jose-Maria Peiró  
  Donald H. Saklofske    Akira Tsuda     Fons Van de Vijver  
 Donald H. Saklofske    Akira Tsuda    Fons Van de Vijver  




Playbill (pdf)

Call for paper (pdf)

Registration form (pdf)

Hostels cross-cultural conference Florence (pdf)

Hostels cross-cultural conference Florence 1 Km (pdf)

Hostels cross-cultural conference Florence 1-2 Km (pdf)


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